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Electric utilities are faced with many challenges imposed by today's Smart Grid.

We deliver, operate and manage integrated uninterruptable power supply and power management systems and smart electricity meters to improve and manage the reliability of your electrical distribution system.

By contributing to the needs of today's advanced Energy Management System (EMS) we increase the financial and operational efficiency of your enterprise.

Understand energy needs

The first step is to assess how much energy your home/ business consumes and to deciding what measures you can take to make your home/ business more energy efficient.

Determine energy goals

No matter the size or age of your home/ business, you can find ways to reduce your energy use and costs.

Knowing what's up

Better understanding the true reactive power status frees up capacity and reduces the need to invest in additional generation.


We’re leveraging our unmatched resources and scope to design, build and integrate complete smart solutions. Enjoy a lifetime of energy savings and lower energy bills.