Drone Services



AMPS offers Drone-As-A-Service as a unique concept by providing "turnkey drone solutions" to the industry. AMPS Drone Services is founded specifically to help customers avoid the capital expense and operating risks of establishing their own drone programs and to purchase drone support in a way which better fits their operations and cost profiles.

AMPS provides expert services for your organization’s mission critical assets using drone technology. Through state-of-the-art data collection and analysis, and comprehensive program software, we are able to deliver transformative intelligence that optimizes mining operations, energy-, agriculture- and oil & gas production, protects people & assets, and improves infrastructure, all while simplifying maintenance and management processes.

The benefits for our customers include:

  • No costs for purchasing, installing and maintaining equipment such as drones, sensors, camera’s, etc.
  • No legal and administrative costs of training pilots, maintaining licenses and obtaining regional aviation certifications
  • No Unmanned Aerial Vehicle insurance
  • Reduce the time surveyors and other personnel spend manually inspecting stockpiles, solar plants, electrical lines, mud lines, pipelines, tailing dams, pits and blast areas, construction installations / areas.
  • Minimize or avoid the hours spend on potentially dangerous manned ground security
  • Improve efficiency of business and operations planning with timely inventory data and reporting

Vision & Mission


To offer the most innovative, flexible, and cost effective inspection solutions in on- and offshore industries, in order to optimize asset maintenance and support the companies management.


We strive to find the most beneficial solution to satisfy our costumers and are committed to continuously improve our business partnerships.