Why Choose AMPS?

Our Values

In today’s world, the rules of doing business are rapidly changing. AMPS believe that, while adaptability is key, our daily values must remain steady and consistent, regardless of circumstances. We act at all times with integrity, courtesy and discretion. These principles underpin our operating policies and our approach to suppliers and customers.
Our values are the cornerstone of what makes us who we are and the basis for everything we do.

Our Philisophy

Our philosophy is such that we will:

  • Provide our services at the highest standards available in the market
  • Deliver a level of service that exceeds our clients’ expectations
  • Develop and embrace new technologies and techniques to the advantage of our clients and our business
  • Ensure the company’s services conserve the integrity of the environment
  • Educate & train the youth interested in this growing field, thereby contributing to the community and their development at-large